What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a digital marketing way to show content on public screens.

What is LobbySpace?

LobbySpace is a simple to use digital signage cloud software and makes content creation and management for slideshows really easy.

What do I need to use LobbySpace?

You need a media player like Asus Chromebit Stick. We support you, to find the best player for you! Please contact us.

How much is LobbySpace?

It depends, we´ll send you an offer.

Is it possible to use a own design based on my corporate identity?

Yes, please contact us: hello@lobbyspace.me.

Is it possible to use LobbySpace with any TV?

Yes, if your TV supports HDMI Input.

Is it possible to add social media content?

Yes, we support an instagram wall. Furthermore we will add more social media content options.

Which types of media could you add to LobbySpace?

We support content with our smart designer, videos and pictures.

Is it possible to use LobbySpace in portrait or landscape mode?

Yes, you can do that!

What happens, if WiFi connection lost?

LobbySpace will turn to “offline-mode”, but you won´t see it. If WiFi connection returns, LobbySpace will automatically update the slides.

Is it possible to manage multiple TVs?


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